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Measur is a technology company that provides laboratory analyses, materials characterization and testing services. The Helsinki-based company serves its local and international customers with over 80 partner laboratories across the globe. The company was founded in 2017, employs a growing team of experts and is led by its co-founders.
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    Nothing in testing services is as important as reliable results and data. Therefore, the laboratories that are accepted as partners must have gone through rigorous evaluation by public authorities, as well as Measur’s own validation processes. The Measur’s proprietary laboratory validation process and round robin tests promote the use of the most reliable and accurate laboratories in the world.

    Best customer experience

      Measur is committed to reach the best customer experience in the industry by providing the highest quality services, accurate results and expert advice by its highly qualified staff. High customer satisfaction and customer retention rate lead to a positive circle, which will benefit both Measur and its customers.

      Emerging new technologies

        Measur has helped companies to bring novel green material alternatives into the market. Measur has pushed the development of devices with better efficiency and manufacturing processes that produce less waste. Measur has prevented materials with potentially hazardous substances from reaching the market. By continuing to offer testing services to our customers Measur directly helps new emerging technologies reach market, develop processes to be more efficient, enable efficient quality assurance and help reduce waste.

          With deep roots in research, Measur continues to add customer value in research and development, as well as in quality assurance, by saving both time and money for companies and research institutions. With the right information about the products in development and in production, our customers can focus on their core businesses instead of looking for laboratories and waiting for results.

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