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      Some of our services.


      Elemental analysis of all kinds of samples, almost the whole periodic table


      Molecular structure and purity of organic compounds (NMR, GC-MS, IR)


      Determination of dissolved inorganic anions and cations from solid and liquid samples (ICP-MS, IC, MP-AES)


      Film thickness determination of coatings and films (AFM, cross-sectional SEM, XRR)


      Water analyses (process waters, natural water, well waters, drinking water)


      Migration testing of food contact materials (overall and specific migration)


      Imaging of surfaces and particles (AFM, SEM, optical microscopy)


      Thermal testing of materials and chemicals (TGA, DSC)


      X-ray analysis methods (XRD, XRF, XRR)


      Determination of the bio-based content of fuels, chemicals and materials


      Mechanical testing of materials


      Identification of unknown samples


      Radiocarbon dating

      + hundreds more

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      Founded by former researchers, both doctors in their fields, Measur helps its customers to bring novel technologies to market, to develop new processes, to enable efficient quality assurance and to reduce waste by helping their customers succeed.
      Teemu Myllymäki

      DSc in applied physics

      Kalle Lagerblom

      PhD in chemistry


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